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Epona Riding Instruction

Lesson Types

Here in a private lesson you get the benefit of one to one intensive tuition. As the only client, tuition time ranges from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Session content will also depend on age, ability, fitness, and experience of both horse and rider.


A semi private lesson has no more than two pupils. Here, you can learn from each other and watch each other practice different tasks. A useful session allowing you to work on your own for a few minutes, while the instructor helps
the other client.You also have the chance to take a break, relax, and watch before you take up the reins again. This session usually lasts for 1 hour. A fun and informative session.


In group sessions, the number of riders ranges from 3 to 6. A great day out if you can rustle a group of friends together. Informal but focused at the same time. Not so much pressure as the above sessions. There is an opportunity to watch others and see how both horse and rider react to certain methods. Also, a bit of friendly competition arises as most riders are determined to complete a task due to the presence of the group. As I said, fun, but still of great value. Your horse benefits too, learning that it has to work and keep focused on the job in hand.


A day clinic starts at 10.00 am and finishes at 4.00 PM. Although these sessions are aimed at the long term career student and at equestrian centers/riding schools, anyone can book a day clinic. These session include riding lessons, lectures, stable management, lectures - both oral and practical - teaching-practice sessions, and discussion sessions, all geared towards the client taking their BHS stages 1,2,3, & 4. A day clinic is tailored-made to the students or the centers needs.


This lasts 30 minute to 1 hour, schooling or exercising your horse and, overcoming any problems you and your horse are having.

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