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Epona Riding Instruction

Prices for UK clients

Private Lesson
£ 25.00*
Semi Private Lesson
£ 21.00* {per rider} 2 riders
Group Lessons
£ 60* { 10.00 per rider} 3-6 riders
One Day Clinics
£ 110.00* ( to Times may vary
£ 20.00* {depending on what needs doing}
Pony Club & Riding Club Camps / Courses
Monday to Friday.
9am - 10pm
Price per week depending on location,
Starts at £ 250 upto £ 400 per week.
Note this is divided between the group for the week. For example with six riders in a group for one week at  £ 400 this works out at £ 13.33p per rider per day.

*For clients living outside a 10 mile radius of my residence, traveling expenses may be incurred on the final price of the session - IF they book LESS than 3 lessons. (3 or more lessons are exempt from this charge.)
As I am a freelance instructor all lessons and clinics are conducted on your property or the property of the riding school. Outside a 10 mile radius of my residence traveling expenses may be incurred on the final price of the session. As you understand, riding has an element of risk to it, so all riders must wear a standard crash hat, {KITE MARKED PAS015 BS EN1384} and back protectors must be worn while teaching cross country.
I am also planning on holding clinics in the Middle East mainly teaching clients in Jordan and Kuwait,so if you are interested book now so I can arrange a week or ten day clinic.
A minimum of five hours a day would be required for me to travel abroad.

Prices for  clients living abroad

Private Lesson
 { 35 JD or 35 KD.} One rider only
Semi Private Lesson
 {per rider}* 2 riders.  {30 JD or 30 KD.}
Group Lessons
{ Cost divided per rider per rider} 3-6 riders.{70 JD or 70 KD }
One Day Clinics
 ( to Times may vary.{ 150 JD or 150 KD.}
 {depending on what needs doing}. { 30 JD or 30 KD.}


I cannot accept ANY responsibility to injury of horse or client while I am teaching. Of course, accidents happen, but I will ensure that you and your horse have a safe, productive, and enjoyable lesson.

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