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Epona Riding Instruction

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Now the evenings are drawing in we are all finding it a little hard to continue schooling and riding our horses, well thats if you do not have a indoor school or a flood lit arena.Most of you will decide to turn your horses away for the winter due to the lack of a place to ride,but if you can find a school within hacking distance or if a friend has one do try and get in at least once a week ,it all helps when the summer comes round if you horses have been doing something over the winter ,it is easier for you as you have kept riding fit and it is easier for your horses when the time comes for lessons.
The last month Broadlands equestrian center has asked me to do some teaching in the evening 4pm to 6pm that is Tuesday to Friday it works well as Most of my other clients want teaching mornings and weekends.Currently I am schooling a Dutch Wormblood mare and if she goes well I might start to get it out and about at a few shows, its all very new to her as she has never hacked or been out . But all things are well and she is turning out to be a very sensible mare.
Ramzi Hijjawi

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